The Rules:



The player who drew this card must drink.


Give Two

Hand out two drinks to person(s) of your choice. You may split them up or assign to one person.


Repeat Offender

It is now your turn, every turn, until you can correctly guess the colour of the card you flip. Continue guessing the colour of the card prior to flipping it, and performing the associated action until you guess correctly, then the order returns to normal.



Ask the players a trivia question, the first one to get it right assigns a drink to anyone but the person who asked the question. If no one knows the correct answer, try another question.



The drawer of the card comes up with two terrible options for everyone else to decide between, eg. “Would you rather drink your own pee” or “Go without drinking alcohol for a year”. The next player is the judge and decides which of the two is worse but doesn’t say it out loud. Every player except the drawer and the judge has to pick one. Then the judge declares the loser and anyone who picked that option must drink.



All of the men in the game must cheers then drink.


Prank Text Message

The player who draws this card must hand their mobile phone over to the rest of the group, who get to send one SMS to anyone they can find in the contacts list or a number they supply. Professional contacts are often off-limits for this, however. Typically, ex-partners or potential partners are targeted.



The person who picks up the card must allocate an amusing nickname to a fellow player. From now on – if anyone addresses this player by their real name OR anything but the nickname, they have to drink.


Hot Seat

Each player may ask the person who drew the card a question. If the drawer of the card refuses to answer the question, he/she must drink.



The player who drew the card picks a category such as sports teams or bands from the ’90s, the players then go around in the circle saying items from that category; the first player who can not think of an item or says something not in the category (or if all items have been exhausted) must drink.


Last Slap

The player who draws this card can place it on the table at any time, and the last person to place their hand on the table has to drink a second per player in the game.


Gambler’s Fate

When a player draws this card they must guess the colour of the next card. If they get it wrong, they drink. If they get it right, they give a drink to another player.



The player who drew this card begins to chug or sip, so then does everybody else. When the person who picked up the card stops drinking the person to their right can stop drinking. When that person stops drinking the person to their right can stop drinking. This goes to the end of the circle.