The Rules:


Winner’s Choice

Take a look at the list of cards (rules) currently being played in this game and pick your favourite!


Tongue Twister

Think of a tongue twister (“Unique New York“, “Stupid superstition!“, “Eleven benevolent elephants“, “How much pot, could a pot roast roast, if a pot roast could roast pot.“), and go around in a circle saying the tongue twister as quickly as possible. First one to stutter or delay must drink.


Suck and Blow

Place the card against your lips, then using nothing but air pressure passes it to the person sitting next to you. This person takes the card by sucking on it and attempts to pass it to the next person, of course, never touching the card with hands.



If you were going clockwise around the table, you’re now going counter-clockwise…and vice versa.


Casino Odds

When a player draws this card they must guess the value (Ace, Two, Three, etc) of the next card. If they get it wrong, they drink. If they get it right, every other player must drink.


Spin the Bottle

You know how it works, spin the bottle (or a phone, remote control, hot dog – anything that spins) and give the lucky winner a great big kiss (or drink).


Simon Says

The person who draws the card starts with a sign, for example peace sign or touching ones nose, and the next does the same and adds another. The next person does both previous signs and adds another. And so on until someone misses a sign or takes too long.



The player who picks the card chooses another player to be their mate. This means when one of them is assigned drinks they both must drink.


Snake Eyes

When this card is picked, the holder becomes known as snake-eyes, and every time they make eye contact with anyone, that person has to drink.



Hold on to this card, you can use it to reflect a drink, question or dare to another player.


Make a Rule

Create a rule that all the players must obey until the deck is empty. For example “no names”, “no pointing”, “no shirts”…get creative or view our rule suggestions!


Question Master

Whoever draws this card becomes the question master. Whenever they ask you a question, you must answer their question with another question, or else not answer them at all. If you answer a question with a statement, you must take one drink. This person is the question master until someone else draws a queen.



Everyone playing must cheers and have a drink!